maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2007


We have planted thirty "blue cupressineaes" in our school garden.

The Governor and National Education Manager of our town, the Mayor and the parents were invited to join the event.

The ENO teacher and then a student made speeches on ENO Tree Planting Event and trees.

Students sang a song about the role of trees in nature.

"The Drops of Life" was performed by the students very successfully.

The Governor of the town planted the first tree and the Mayor planted the second one. Then the rest of the trees were planted by our students.


Erol Tarakcioglu Primary School is located in Koyundere, a small village in Menemen. Menemen is an important town in Izmir dealing with agriculture.
We have 26 teachers and 601 students at our school. Students study 30 lessons per week. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes.
In our ENO Class, there are 15 students age of 12 from classes 7/A and 7/B. They study ENO themes altogether in our Information Technology Class.

sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2007

ENO-class Finland

In our class we have 28 pupils age of 9-10. Pupils study 23 lessons per week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. We have two 30 minute breaks during the day and 20 minute lunchbreak when the proper meal is offered for free in school´s diningroom.

Pupils study math, Finnish, English, religion, environmental studies, art, handcrafts, music and sports.

Since our class in multicultural, each child can also study his/her mothertongue two lessons per week and his/her own religion one lesson per week.

torstai 11. lokakuuta 2007

Treeplanting day 21.9.2007

First we held student´s speech and a song through schoolradio to all the classes so the whole school was aware what was going on. After that about 60 children gathered to schoolyard with their teachers where we sang a season-song and plant the tree (Larix Sibrica). Children enjoyed the happening eventough it was pouring rain. After that we discussed some more inside the classes.